As this site has developed, most of the photographic content has found its way into the Features section - samples below. I've left the original Gallery content here though, and may even add to it at some point in the future.

Silverstone 2001 gave me the initial material for this page ... took hundreds of shots (until the battery died on the digital camera!) and the following is the pick of the crop, all taken during the Qualifying session on Saturday from the spectator banking at Club Corner.

The Thoroughbred Grand Prix which followed this year's British GP inspired me to dig out some of my old photos ... they're not quite as sharp, but they're my F1 history so I hope you'll forgive the fuzzy edges!

With Concorde taking to the skies for the first time since the Paris crash and the Red Arrows giving their customary pre-race display, someone recalled that they had once flown together ... I knew I had a picture of it somewhere, so thought I'd share that too!

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Silverstone 2001

Coulthard - McLaren Button - Renault Villeneuve - BAR
David Coulthard
McLaren Mercedes
Jenson Button
Benetton Renault
Jacques Villeneuve
BAR Honda
Michael Schumacher - Ferrari Ralf Schumacher - Williams Bernoldi - Arrows
Michael Schumacher
Ralf Schumacher
BMW Williams
Enrique Bernoldi
Arrows Asiatech

British Grand Prix 1985 & 1986

Piquet and Prost, Silverstone 1985 Senna, Silverstone 1985 Mansell 'Red 5', Brands Hatch 1986
Nelson Piquet (Brabham) and Alain Prost (McLaren), Silverstone 1985 Ayrton Senna (Lotus), Silverstone 1985 Nigel 'Red 5' Mansell (Williams), Brands Hatch 1986

Red Arrows & Concorde

Red Arrows and Concorde Concorde Red Arrows
Red Arrows and Concorde Concorde Red Arrows

Montreal 2002
See full Feature for lots more photos.

Montoya at Hairpin de la Rosa at Hairpin Renault garage
Juan Pablo Montoya
BMW Williams
Pedro de la Rosa
Jaguar Cosworth
Renault garage

Spa 2002
See full Feature for lots more photos.

Heidfeld and Villeneuve at the Bus Stop Raikkonen bouncing over the curbs at the Bus Stop Montoya and Schumacher approaching Pouhon
Nick Heidfeld, Sauber Petronas
Jacques Villeneuve, BAR Honda
Kimi Raikkonen
McLaren Mercedes
Juan Pablo Montoya, BMW Williams
Michael Schumacher, Ferrari

My F1 Drive!
See Feature for the full story.

Ready to go On track Proof I did it!
Me! in a 1994 Larrousse
with 3.5 litre Cosworth V8
Still me! Half-way through my stint,
starting to feel I can push a bit
My certificate ...
just to prove I did it!

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